Time to log off

It’s time for me to say goodbye. This is my last day in El Guabo. I came to Ecuador on February 15th, and on September 10th I’ll be back in Finland. The two last weeks in Ecuador I’ll spend travelling to places like the volcano Chimborazo, the Amazon jungle and the Galapagos islands.

During the past six months I’ve learned more than in ten years in Finland. When I arrived, I didn’t know anything about bananas, too little about Fair Trade, and Spanish I could barely speak. As I’ve learned more and more, I’ve been sharing my experiences through this blog. I’ve interviewed many of the farmers I’ve met so that you’ll get to know them and their lives too. My goal has been to bring producers and consumers closer together, so the consumers will know how they affect the farmers’ lives by buying fairtrade bananas.

I hope you’ve learned as much as I have, and I hope you’ve gotten an idea of where your bananas come from. And I say the same thing all the farmers do: buy more fairtrade products! At least I’m going to do that.



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2 responses to “Time to log off

  1. Hi Annika
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs. I’ve learned a lot about fair trade, bananas, and the producers, because you’ve taken the time to write these stories, so thanks for sharing your experiences.

    Enjoy your travels and have a safe trip home to Finland.


  2. Annika,

    Congratulations on a job well done! In the last few months that I have been following your blog, I have found it to be one of the most authentic and informative presentations of the perspectives and voices of fair trade producers. Your research and research presentation has been insightful, balanced and very ‘real’.

    Your posts and writing style reflect an understated integrity and agenda free vision sadly missing in much of the fair trade social media.

    You have a real talent as a researcher/writer and I encourage you to use these amazing fair trading experiences as the basis for more substantial work in the future!

    Your voice will be missed!

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