The world’s best banana recipe

I love Tigrillo!

I love Tigrillo!

Here on the Ecuadorian coast, it’s hard to find food that doesn’t contain bananas. And we’re talking plantains, not the sweet bananas we eat in Europe. I’ve fallen in love with ”plátano”, as it’s called here, and I wish we could buy them in Europe, too.

Here’s the recipe of my favorite plate, that I’ll miss when I leave Ecuador. It’s typical for the mountain town Zaruma and is called Tigrillo.


  1. Peel and slice some raw, green plantains.
  2. Fry them in plenty of oil in a regular frying pan until they’re golden.
  3. Fry some scrambled eggs.
  4. Fry some garlic and white onion with plenty of oil and butter in a pot.
  5. Throw in the banana slices, the scrambled eggs and plenty of fresh cheese in cubes, mix and mash.
  6. Serve with for example sliced meat, fried vegetabels and eggs.

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