”We used to wash our bananas in plastic basins”

Julia Quezada.

Julia Quezada.

-In Fair Trade we get paid a little more, so we’ve been able to invest. For example, we’ve built a packing house for the bananas. We used to wash them in simple plastic basins, says Julia Quezada in La Cadena.

She’s been a member of Asoguabo for four years.

-We didn’t have anyone to sell our bananas to. Years ago we sold to the koreans for some time, but they stopped buying. So we harvested for the pigs, she says with a laugh.

-We also grow cacao, but the price was bad.

Then she and her husband contacted Asoguabo.

-Since we started selling our bananas to Asoguabo, we’ve been able to move up. The kids are studying and we’ve been able to invest in the farm.

Lately, Asoguabo hasn’t been able to sell all of their bananas.

-We don’t have anyone else to sell to. And we’re losing money with every box we can’t sell. We lose what we’ve paid for the worker and the fertilizers and the plastic bags the bananas grow in. That’s why I hope the consumers buy more, so that we can sell all of our bananas.


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