Fairtrade premium gives Asoguabo 1,6 million this year

1,6 million dollars for social and environmental projects. That’s what Asoguabo counts on receiving from the people who buy their fairtrade bananas this year.

It’s called the fairtrade premium.

Within Fair Trade, the buyer pays a premium of a dollar per box of bananas to the cooperative. That dollar is to be used for social and environmental development projects, for the benefit of all the farmers.

This year the program Promesa that is in charge of the premium has budgeted to get over one and a half million dollars this way. Last year the income from the premium was 1,868 471 million.

What is it used for?

  • This year, Promesa is going to use the money for example for these things:
  • The health program.
  • The educational program.
  • To develop the business activities.
  • Support to the employees’ trade unions.
  • Helping the farmers comply with the demands of the Globalgap-certificate.
  • Support to the member associations for their own projects.

Source: Promesa


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