Banana giants in fair trade


598-04-22-08-chiquitaMany connect fair trade to small farmers. But did you know that Pirkka fairtrade bananas reach the supermarket shelves through Chiquita, one of the world’s three biggest banana companies? Chiquita’s worst competitor, Dole, has also been certified as a trader of fairtrade bananas by the Fairtrade labelling organisation FLO.

doleOn the list of certified companies trading with fairtrade bananas we find Chiquita Nordic in Finland, Chiquita banana company in the Netherlands and Chiquita international limited in Great Britain. In Finland, Kesko buys its fairtrade Pirkka-bananas from Chiquita, and sells them in their K-markets.

In 2005 it was discussed whether or not Chiquita should be registered as a producer. But the plantation in question, located in Honduras, was destroyed in the hurricane Wilma.

In 2003, Dole Peru was registered as a trader of fairtrade bananas. This means that the company buys bananas from fairtrade certified farmers in the Chira valley in Peru. Additionally, one of Dole’s subsidiaries in Europe was certified to be able to sell the bananas under the fairtrade mark. Today Dole has signed distribution agreements in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Great Britain.

Dole also trades fairtrade bananas from the Dominican republic, grapes from Namibia and pineapples from Costa Rica.


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