Campaign, whether you like it or not

On April 26th, Ecuador will choose a new president, parliament, new mayors and new local councils. One of the candidates is Asoguabo’s president, Jovanny Coronel, who is running for the local council.

The campaigns officially started a week ago, and in the small town of El Guabo, you can’t miss it.

kampanj1Trucks and jeeps covered with candidates’ names and slogans are driving around on the streets from early morning. Every car has huge loudspeakers. They play the candidates’ campaign songs alternating with pre-recorded speaks. The voices sound like they belong to professional radio speakers.

kampanj2I like it. It’s an easy way to hear the candidates’ agendas if you don’t have time to go to campaign rallies or read flyers. But it can be annoying too. It’s hard to teach English with the music pumping out of the loudspeakers every time one of the cars passes the office. And that’s often. I took all these pictures in less than ten minutes at the main plaza in El Guabo.

kampanj3You don’t just hear the campaign everywhere, you see it too. The advertisements are huge. The walls protecting the banana plantations by the highway have been painted full of candidates’ slogans. A few walls in town have also been painted, like in this picture. But it’s actually forbidden. You’re not supposed to paint houses in public areas, and that’s why the police came there yesterday, attracting a curious crowd. We’ll see what happens to the slogans.



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  1. Yes political campaign again in Ecuador. It is boring, disgusting and with no respect for the rest of the people who wants to work and live in peace. Hope it comes to an end soon.


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