From farmwork to guiding tourists


Augusto Jaen guiding a group of Dutch tourists.

Augusto Jaen guiding a group of Dutch tourists.

Augusto Jaen works at the San Vicente banana farm in El Guabo. He is one of the local Bananatour guides.
– I like it a lot, but it would be even nicer if I was able to talk directly to the tourists. He speaks in Spanish, and another guide interprets for the tourists.
– I wanted to take the English class at Asoguabo, but I don’t have the time. In june 2008 he attended the Bananatour guiding course, and got a certificate after three days of lectures and practice, and a final exam.
– We learned to be concrete and always tell the truth, and to speak to an audience. The first time I was actually guiding was tough. I was nervous, studying the course material, but when I saw the group it was alright. Augusto is the only guide who is a farm worker. The other guides are farmers.
– The course was nice because everyone was on the same level. We became like a little family.

All the guides receive 10 dollars for every tour they guide.Augusto makes 15 dollars a day as a farm worker, and the average income for an ecuadorian family is 406 dollars a month.


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