Power cut

As I am writing there’s a power cut in the town of Machala. I was sitting in the Internet café, updating my blog, when the computers started beeping. There was nothing else to do but close down, take my jump drive and go home. Now I’m sitting in the kitchen with my laptop running on battery.

Updating my blog is a challenge down here. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be.

At work, I can update in the agronomists’ room, but only two computers are connected to the web. And they’re often occupied.

At home, I have to go to an Internet café, and often the computers are really slow. By the way, café is the wrong word. There’s nothing to eat or drink, but you can make copies, print documents or surf on the net. These places are everywhere. Just in my block there are three, one of them in the house where I live. But I don’t use it, because the computers are slow. They probably haven’t cleaned their hard drives in a long time.

The only place with Skype is unfortunately also the kids’ favorite spot for playing online games. It’s hard to work with a bunch of screaming kids around you. And Skype rarely works properly, sometimes not at all.

I was spoiled in Finland, online almost 24/7. So if I haven’t updated in a while, you’ll know why.


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