Top three in Quito

teleferico1. Telefériqo. This skylift will take you up to 4100 metres above the sea on the flanks of volcan Pichincha and show you an amazing view over Quito, with even the airplanes flying lower than yourself. You can keep going on foot for half a kilometre more. The trip costs 8 euros for tourists and 4,50 for locals.

quito12. Centro Historico. One of the first world cultural heritages that Unesco elected in 1978. According to the Lonely Planet-guide, this is one of South America’s most beautiful colonial centres. The roads are steep and narrow, but the bus- and taxi drivers don’t mind. You can spend hours just admiring the architecture and the open plazas. The old city has been restored in the 2000’s.

mitad3. La Mitad del Mundo. This is where the equator is, the place where the frenchman Charles-Marie de la Condamine made the measurements showing that this is in deed the equator. That was in 1736. Later on GPS-measurements have shown that the equator is actually about 200 metres north. There you’ll also find a museum which is worth a visit: the Inti Ñan. Here you can test a bunch of experiments supposed to prove that this is the actual equator. Like draining a sink to show the water flows in different directions on either side of the equator. And the guide Javier Barca balanced an egg on a nail. To get here, take the Metrobus (25 cents) to the end station Ofelia, then change to a regular bus (15 cents) to La Mitad del Mundo. The trip takes about an hour.


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