Food store gets Fair Trade award

Yoghurt, tea, roses… There’s over 120 Fair Trade products in the Ruokakesko stores in Finland. That’s the widest selection in the country, and it’s doubled in the past year. This is why the food retailer gets the 2008 Fair Trade Award.

reilu-jogurttiLast year 94000 family farmers and workers in 27 developing countries benefited from the Fair Trade products that Ruokakesko’s K-stores sold. Ruokakesko is a pioneer in launching new Fair Trade products, even in international comparison, says the  Association for promoting Fair Trade in Finland in a press release.

Executive Director Tuulia Syvänen:

– Thanks to the large selection of Fair Trade products it’s easy for the consumer to find them and to do ethical shopping. Ruokakesko is the only Finnish food retailer to sign a cooperation agreement with the Fair Trade labelling organisation.

What award?

  • The Fair Trade award is given annually to a person or organisation that has helped make Fair Trade known in Finland.
  • This year’s award is the 8th.
  • Previous awards have been given to Cafe Portaali (2007), ABC service stations (2006), Siwa (2005), The people of Utajärvi (2004), President Tarja Halonen (2003), The churches’ international responsibility week (2002) and the African pearl-association of  Leinola school in Tampere (2001).

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