No money for me

Today I got an unexpected answer from the unemployment agency. I won’t get any state subsidy when I’m in Ecuador.

Here’s what they said (translated from Swedish by me):

“You are employed until the end of August 2009. Our appropriation from the ministry decreases next year and the situation on the labour market tends to become tougher. We do not consider it appropriate from a labour-political point of view to grant you a subsidy since you are resigning from a reasonably long employment contract”.

Didn’t see that one coming. In the volunteer training they practically promised us the subsidy. Well, they did say that the practice varies depending on the unemployment agency, and that the best chance to get a subsidy is at the Kluuvi agency in Helsinki. Thay’re familiar with the volunteer programme, because most of its volunteers come from Helsinki.

So I mailed the Kluuvi agency. I wonder what the reply will be…


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